“Everybody wins when you Submeter with Delta.”

Delta’s goal of selecting a utility Submetering system requires a field proven product based on modern technologies. It must also be backed by an organization with the experience and expertise to ensure that the right system is designed specifically for you. In addition, it must be accompanied by quality installation and a successful transition to the asset management team. With Delta, you still have the flexibility to select a RBC (read, bill, and collect company) on your own terms.

Delta’s solution includes not only a Submetering system, but also all the required customization, installation, training, and services you need. All these aspects must be considered when choosing a new system that affects your ability to manage your asset.

Delta Utility Solutions is proud to offer and support equipment from the finest manufacturers in the Submetering industry. Only products from top manufacturers will be selected specifically to meet the broad spectrum of Submetering solutions for any size multi-tenant project. Some of the product solutions we select specifically for you are represented by the manufacturing company products shown below.


  • Aclara
  • Tehama Wireless
  • NMT
  • Norgas
  • MTW
  • Niagara Conservation
  • Sensus Metering Systems
  • Leviton
  • Neptune Technology Group
  • OSC / Intellimeter
  • Inovonics
  • Itron
  • Master Meter
  • H2O Degree



  • Water

    Delta Utility Solutions specifically designs your project, using a Submetering system that incorporates proven technologies from only quality manufacturers. Master Meter, Neptune, Norgas, MTW, and Sensus, are all leading manufacturers of water meters. They have revolutionized multi-tenant meter installation by helping to lower installation costs; meeting or exceeding operating, design and performance requirements of Submetering markets; and their meters are compatible with state-of-the art reading systems (AMR). As we go forward, green lifestyle choices must be made concerning water usage reduction. Delta, through Submetering, will help with these lifestyle changes.

    • Master Meter 3G

      Master Meter 3G

    • Master Meter FAM

      Master Meter FAM

    • Master Meter Hot Water Meter

      Master Meter Hot Water Meter

    • Norgas Single Mag Cold

      Norgas Single Mag Cold

    • Norgas Versamag Cold

      Norgas Versamag Cold

    • Norgas Versamag Hot

      Norgas Versamag Hot

    • MTW MJ20 Cold

      MTW MJ20 Cold

    • MTW MJ20 Hot

      MTW MJ20 Hot

    • MTW SM15

      MTW SM15

    • MTW


    • Neptune T-10 with Pro-Read Register

      Neptune T-10 with Pro-Read Register

    • Neptune E-coder

      Neptune E-coder

    • Sensus Accu Stream

      Sensus Accu Stream

    • Sensus SR EBII

      Sensus SR EBII

  • Gas

    Delta Utility Solutions only uses excellent products from quality manufacturers. Our focus on conservation efforts with energy use and natural resource management extends into the gas industry. Submetering is the natural way to balance the need for energy consumption, with the need for reducing its usage. OSC-Intellimeter, Leviton, and Norgas are industry leading manufacturers Delta uses for our projects.

    • Norgas NG4

      Norgas NG4

    • Norgas RT500

      Norgas RT500

    • OSC/ Intellimeter Run Time

      OSC/ Intellimeter Run Time

    • Itron Metris 250

      Itron Metris 250

    • Leviton EM Pro - Run Time Device

      Leviton EM Pro – Run Time Device

    • MTW G4 Gas Meter

      MTW G4 Gas Meter

  • Electric

    Delta Utility Solutions electrical Submetering product selections meet or exceed all industry standards, and are made only by quality manufacturers. Your project requires only the best design, best products, and best installation available and we will deliver. Manufactures include Leviton, OSC-Intellimeter, among others.

    • Leviton Mini Meter

      Leviton Mini Meter

    • Leviton Series 2000

      Leviton Series 2000

    • Leviton Series 3300

      Leviton Series 3300

    • Leviton Series 8000

      Leviton Series 8000

  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

    Hardwire products in Submetering are labor intensive, time consuming, and costly. Wireless Automated Meter Reading systems can help eliminate these problems and provide the data you need to help conserve natural resources, save money, and ultimately help profitability. They allow the end user to monitor consumption without digging trenches for wires and conduit or disturbing residents. Delta’s AMR partners include several leaders in the industry such as Inovonics, Aclara, and Tehama.

    • Tehama Repeater

      Tehama Repeater

    • Tehama DCAP

      Tehama DCAP

    • Tehama MDT

      Tehama MDT

    • Inovonics TapWatch System

      Inovonics TapWatch System

    • Inovonics EN5040-T

      Inovonics EN5040-T

    • Inovonics EN6540

      Inovonics EN6540

    • Aclara MTU

      Aclara MTU

    • Aclara DCU

      Aclara DCU

    • OSC/ Intellimeter Lobby Display

      OSC/ Intellimeter Lobby Display

    • OSC/ Intellimeter Central Station

      OSC/ Intellimeter Central Station

    • OSC/ Intellimeter AB-120

      OSC/ Intellimeter AB-120