About Us

Your goal of selecting a utility Submetering system requires a field proven product, based on modern technologies, backed by an organization with the experience and expertise to ensure the right system is designed for you, accompanied by quality installation and a successful transition to asset management. All this with the flexibility to select a read, bill and collect company (RBC) on your terms.

Our solution includes not only the Submetering system, but also all the required customization, installation, training, and services you need. All these aspects must be considered when choosing a new system that affects your ability to manage your asset.

With that in mind, Delta Utility Solutions is proud to offer and support equipment from the finest manufacturers in the submetering industry. Top manufacturer products from companies like Master Meter and Inovonics were created specifically to meet the broad spectrum of submetering solutions for all size multi-tenant projects.

Delta Utility Solutions staff of professionals, have over 100 years experience in national multi-tenant real estate construction and development. As a result of our extensive experience, we at Delta understand the needs faced by property owners, managers and developers. We are uniquely qualified to assist your organization in a smooth and efficient transition from construction to asset management.

Paul Mazza Paul Mazza
President / National Director Sales and Marketing
P: 770-675-6682
F: 770-675-6691
E: pmazza (at) dusolutions.com

Paul joined Delta in 2003.  He leads Delta’s expansion into new markets and oversees all aspects of customer relations. Working out of Delta’s Atlanta office, Paul brings extensive sub metering sales and client account management expertise to Delta, as he has more than 20 years of sales and account management experience in sub metering and utility management services.

Tammy Sperla Tammy Sperla
P: 760-598-0871
F: 760-994-1298
E: tsperla (at) dusolutions.com

Tammy joined Delta in 2001. Tammy has been an integral member of Delta since she joined the company. She worked her way up from Office Manager to her current position as COO. She oversees the administrative and operational functions of the company, while managing our Team. Her roles include Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Human Resources, Material Requisitions, as well as Company Processes and Procedures Management.

John Graven John Graven
Director of Operations
P: 626-278-0349
F: 760-994-1298
E: jgraven (at) dusolutions.com

John joined our team in 2021. He has been in the Sub-Metering industry since 2006 specializing in Operations, Project Management, and Sub-meter Billing. He can provide a wealth of knowledge regarding best practices with not only submetering but other billing methodologies as well. John compliments our Team with his all-around knowledge of Submetering and Utility Billing.

Scott Harrigfeld Scott Harrigfeld
Director of Service
P: 404-509-9183
F: 770-675-6691
E: sharrigfeld (at) dusolutions.com

Scott joined our team in 2017. He brings 30 years of experience working in the Utilities industry where he held such positions as Senior Field Technician, Field Service Manager and Operations Manager. He is well versed in meter installation and service, and has worked with multiple types of reading systems.

Eddie Love Eddie Love
Senior Field Operations Manager, West Coast
P: 805-857-6757
F: 760-994-1298
E: elove (at) dusolutions.com

Eddie joined our team in 2014. Eddie brings over 35 years of plumbing industry experience to Delta, and over 15 years of experience focused in the sub metering industry. Based in California, Eddie has performed Water and Gas sub metering installations nationwide, and additionally brings project management experience and a full knowledge of AMR technology to Delta. Well versed in California plumbing codes and Weights and Measures requirements, Eddie has lead Water, Gas, and Electric meter and AMR installation projects for apartments, condos, military, and utility installations.

Glen “Grimmis” Grimm Glen “Grimmis” Grimm
Senior Field Operations Manager, East Coast
C: 941-815-0305
F: 770-675-6691
E: grimmis (at) dusolutions.com

Grimmis joined our team in 2016. He is Retired Navy, Submarine Service MM3 (SS) Hydraulics, H.P Air, Water and Sanitary Systems. He has over 35 year’s plumbing experience, 20 years Sub Metering Water and Gas and 20 years AMR experience Water, Gas and Electric. Grimmis works both the installation portion and project management side of our jobs.

Nicole McGaffey Nicole McGaffey
Data Administrator
P: 360-874-7538
F: 760-994-1298
E: nmcgaffey (at) dusolutions.com

Nicole joined the Delta team in 2016, she came to us from Rubio’s Restaurants with a background in Technical Support where she became ITIL Certified. With our fast-paced environment, Nicole maintains control of jobs by creating and updating electronic job files for the Team to share.

Kenneth Satterlee Kenneth Satterlee
P: 760-598-0871
F: 760-994-1298
E: ksatterlee (at) dusolutions.com

With over 40 years in the commercial real estate industry, Ken brings his experience as the overseer of all aspects of Delta’s operations. As Ken saw the need to provide a service that focused on the design and installation of the submeter, and away from the billing, Delta was formed. As it has grown, Ken has leveraged his experience in the development, transactional and financing aspects of the industry, to create a network of relationships that have allowed Delta to flourish and grow. A keen ability to seek out the right team to execute on the vision has also aided in Delta’s success and reputation.